Difference: MeetingSwissGridOperations20191003 (5 vs. 6)

Revision 62019-10-11 - NickCardo

Line: 1 to 1
META TOPICPARENT name="MeetingsBoard"
<!-- keep this as a security measure:
* Set ALLOWTOPICCHANGE = TWikiAdminGroup,Main.LCGAdminGroup,Main.EgiGroup
* Set ALLOWTOPICRENAME = TWikiAdminGroup,Main.LCGAdminGroup
#uncomment this if you want the page only be viewable by the internal people
#* Set ALLOWTOPICVIEW = TWikiAdminGroup,Main.LCGAdminGroup,Main.ChippComputingBoardGroup
Line: 93 to 93
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Screenshot_2019-10-10_at_11.51.07.png" attr="" comment="" date="1570708316" name="Screenshot_2019-10-10_at_11.51.07.png" path="Screenshot_2019-10-10_at_11.51.07.png" size="365480" user="cdino" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Bern-T2.pdf" attr="" comment="Bern T2" date="1570709038" name="Bern-T2.pdf" path="Bern-T2.pdf" size="55775" user="GianfrancoSciacca" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="ATLAS-T2.pdf" attr="" comment="ATLAS-T2" date="1570709067" name="ATLAS-T2.pdf" path="ATLAS-T2.pdf" size="309955" user="GianfrancoSciacca" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="CHIPPreportSep2019.pptx" attr="" comment="CSCS September System Report" date="1570769364" name="CHIPPreportSep2019.pptx" path="CHIPPreportSep2019.pptx" size="862001" user="cardo" version="1"
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