Swiss Grid Operations Meeting on 2019-07-04 at 14:00

Site status


  • Systens:

    • issue in one cabinet and the network did an emergency throttling one DVS dead and some job failed, still restoring nodes

    • Prepared pallet with cables and some switches for Gianfranco

    • Still working on ARC v6, just got the certificate

Storage: dCache
    • CMS fixed space issues

    • Adjusted pledged space for all VOs

    • moving CMS from sonexion to scratch/gpfs




  • Went into downtime on 19th June for cluster re-deployment
  • Monthly summary: Pledged: 42k, delivered 18k (24k last month)
  • Ubelix contributing ~46% (23% typical)
  • Running an average >2.2k slots (2.5k typical during the previous pledge period)





  • Accounting numbers (from scheduler) from last month
    • Omitted this month

Swiss ATLAS statistics

  • Hammercloud availability

    • ANALY_CSCS-HPC: 94% (85% last month)
    • CSCS-LCG2-HPC_MCORE: 95% (99% last month)
    • ANALY_UNIBE-LHEP: 56% (100% last month)
    • ANALY_UNIBE-LHEP-UBELIX: 100% (94% last month)
    • UNIBE-*UBELIX* : 100% (100% last month)
    • UNIBE-LHEP_MCORE: 56% (100% last month)

  • Slots used


    • CSCS: 4.65k (4.2k last month)
    • UNIBE: 1.58k (2.2k last month)

  • CPU consumption


    • CSCS 75% (64% last month)
    • UNIBE 25% (36% last month)

  • Accounting Numbers from the ATLAS dashboard (May 2019) CSCS+UNIBE

    ClusterJob TypeProduced WC core-hoursGood vs Bad WC %CPU eff good jobs %
    CSCS Any 3'075'000; 72% (was 2'505'555 64%) 88% (was 90%) 84% (was 83%)
    UniBe Any 1'208'333; 28% (was 1'502'777 41%) 88% (was 82%) 82% (was 81%)

  • Delivered vs pledged
    CSCS-LCG2: pledged 50k, delivered 55.7k (was 51k)
    UNIBE-LHEP: pledged 42k, delivered 17.1k (was 23.6k)


  • VO shares at CSCS
    Broadly OK
    Drop in running cores for >1 week
    And also of ATLAS share




  • Smoth ARC CE operation over the last period
  • Downtime today: Finally research now in service. Moved ARC CE dirs to the new filesystem
  • Good usage of atlas-preempt partition and cluster as a whole after increasing qos to 1200 cores for ATLAS jobs.


  • ARC CE deployment status escalated to management
  • ARC now installed and arc.conf with me for review


  • CA status
    • Procedure ongoing, but slow. QuoVadis not too reactive and gazillions of bureaucratic issues to deal with
    • Even the procedure for Unibe has not been finalised yet, the Trust Link has not been issued yet
    • Once this is done and all steps documented, all the other institutes will have to do the same
    • "High level" signature required, and several additional steps
    • In the meanwhile, we had to request 4 "emergency" certificates to the old EGI CA. Could negotiate with a EGI operation guy

* NGI-CH Open Tickets review

4 Tickets found
Ticket-ID Type VO Site Priority Resp. Unit Status Last Update Subject Scope
141276   none   less urgent NGI_CH in progress 2019-06-28 yearly review of the information ... EGI
139574   dteam CSCS-LCG2 less urgent NGI_CH assigned in progress 2019-06-14 please configure mesh on ... EGI
131965   none UNIBE-LHEP less urgent NGI_CH assigned on hold 2019-06-25 IPv6 deployment at WLCG Tier-2 sites EGI
131432   none CSCS-LCG2 urgent NGI_CH assigned involved in progress 2019-06-03 Storage accounting deployment EGI

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  • ATLAS:
  • LHCb:
  • EGI:

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