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The TopMenuSkin adds pulldown menus to the PatternSkin.

Screen Shot


Tob Bar and Menu Structure

This skin is
sponsored by:
Twiki, Inc.

NOTE: The skin is designed to incorporate the "you are here" breadcrumb into the pulldown menus:
"Home" menu => "Web" menu => List of parent topics, if any (shown as "P"s) => Current topic ("View" menu).

Web-specific Menu-Bars

The TopMenuSkinDefaultWebTopMenu defines the default menu structure used in any web. A WebTopMenu topic in a web can redefine the default menu structure. If the WebTopMenu topic is missing in a web, create one with content of _default.WebTopMenu and customize it. Bullets must be of format [[...][...]] or <a href="...">...</a>, and may not contain any text next to the link.

To preserve the "you are here" breadcrumb, it is important to add additional pulldown menus after the INCLUDE of %SYSTEMWEB%.TopMenuSkinTopicMenu. The top level menu-bar should have this structure:

  • INCLUDE of %SYSTEMWEB%.TopMenuSkinHomeMenu
  • Current Web menu
  • INCLUDE of %SYSTEMWEB%.TopMenuSkinTopicMenu
  • Additional pulldown menu(s) as needed (optional)

Example WebTopBar menu structure with additional "Bugs" pulldown menu:

   * [[%BASEWEB%.%HOMETOPIC%][<img src="%ICONURL{web-bg}%" border="0" alt="" width="16" height="16" style="background-color:%WEBBGCOLOR%" /> <nop>%MAKETEXT{"[_1] Web" args="%BASEWEB{format="$current"}%"}% %ICON{menu-down}%]]
      * [[%SCRIPTURLPATH{"view"}%/%BASEWEB%/WebCreateNewTopic?topicparent=%BASETOPIC%][ %ICON{"newtopic"}% %MAKETEXT{"Create New Topic"}%]]
      * [[%BASEWEB%.WebTopicList][ %ICON{"index"}% %MAKETEXT{"Index"}%]]
      * [[%BASEWEB%.WebSearch][ %ICON{"searchtopic"}% %MAKETEXT{"Search"}%]]
      * [[%BASEWEB%.WebChanges][ %ICON{"changes"}% %MAKETEXT{"Changes"}%]]
      * [[%BASEWEB%.WebNotify][ %ICON{"notify"}% %MAKETEXT{"Notifications"}%]]
      * [[%BASEWEB%.WebRss][ %ICON{"feed"}% %MAKETEXT{"RSS Feed"}%]]
      * [[%BASEWEB%.WebStatistics][ %ICON{"statistics"}% %MAKETEXT{"Statistics"}%]]
      * [[%BASEWEB%.WebPreferences][ %ICON{"wrench"}% %MAKETEXT{"Preferences"}%]]
   * [[BugTracker][%ICON{bug}% Bugs %ICON{menu-down}%]]
      * [[NewReport][Create bug report]]
      * [[OpenBugs][Open bugs]]
      * [[ConfirmedBugs][Confirmed bugs]]
      * [[FixedBugs][Fixed bugs]]

Use Menu-Bars in Topics

A menu-bar can be added anywhere in a topic:

  • Include the "TWiki.TopMenuSkin" topic - this pulls in the CSS and JavaScript needed for the menu-bar.
  • Create a nested bullet list with links:
    • The top level bullets define the menu-bar items. Bullets with/without links are supported.
    • Second level bullets define the pulldown options within a menu-bar item.
      • A second level bullet must contain exactly one link (format [[...][...]] or <a href="...">...</a>) without any text next to the link.
    • Third level bullets are not supported.
  • Enclose the bullet list with a <div class="twTopMenuTab"> tag.


<div class="twTopMenuTab">
   * [[WebHome][%ICON{home}% Home %ICON{menu-down}%]]
      * [[WebNotify][Subscribe]]
      * [[WebStatistics][Statistics]]
   * [[WebSearch][%ICON{searchtopic}% Search %ICON{menu-down}%]]
      * [[WebSearchAdvanced][Advanced search]]
      * [[SearchHelp][Search help]]

Renders as:

NOTE: The pulldown menus only work if the TWiki:Plugins/JQueryPlugin is installed and enabled.

CSS and JavaScript

This section defines the CSS and JavaScript. (View Raw to see the source.)


Note: You do not need to install anything on the browser to use this skin. The following instructions are for the administrator who installs the skin on the server where TWiki is running.

  • Download the ZIP file from the Skin homepage (see below)
  • Unzip TopMenuSkin.zip in your twiki installation directory
  • Install TWiki:Plugins/JQueryPlugin and enable it using configure (if not done already)
  • To turn on the skin, write in Main.TWikiPreferences:
    * Set SKIN = topmenu, pattern
  • Test if installed
  • Note on upgrading existing TWiki:
  • Note on using this skin on TWiki 4.2 and 4.3:
    • This skin depends on TWiki 5.0 specific feature %WEB{format="$current"}% to show the current web in the Web menu. To use this skin on TWiki 4.2 or 4.3, remove the parameter from the WEB variable (to show only %WEB%), or apply patch TWiki:Item6424 (to add the format parameter feature).
    • Apply patch TWikibug:Item6430 so that Edit and Attach buttons point to the current topic instead of TopMenuSkinTopBar.
    • Attach menu-down.gif to TWikiDocGraphics.
    • Attach twiki-gray.gif to TWikiDocGraphics.
    • If you have more than 30 webs, apply TWikibug:Item6429 to limit the number of webs shown in the "Home" menu.

Creating your own look

This skin is based on PatternSkin, and the same rules for customization apply.

The TopMenuSkin disables the sidebar and activates a different top bar in twiki/templates/view.topmenu.tmpl. Details in PatternSkinCustomization and PatternSkinCssCookbook.

Skin Info

  • Set SHORTDESCRIPTION = Skin with pulldown menus in top bar

Skin Author: TWiki:Main/PeterThoeny
Copyright: © 2010, TWiki:Main/PeterThoeny, Twiki, Inc.
License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
Description: Top-menu skin
Screenshot: Screenshot
Preview: Preview with this topic
Base Name: topmenu,pattern
Skin Version: 2010-10-03 (v1.91)
Change History:  
2010-10-03: TWikibug:Item6588 - use gray TWiki icon in top menu bar instead of orange icon
2010-09-23: TWikibug:Item6530 - add ManagingUsers to top menu of TWiki web
2010-08-21: TWikibug:Item6524 - fix for no Account pulldown menu on IE7 Opera browser -- TWiki:Main.MalcolmNeumeyer
2010-06-09: TWikibug:Item6485 - fix banner background image position issue on Safari
2010-06-06: TWikibug:Item6482 - XHTML validation fixes; moving CSS to HTML head using ADDTOHEAD variable
2010-06-05: TWikibug:Item6475 - better indication of breadcrumb in top menu using large arrows
2010-05-26: TWikibug:Item6471 - show topic info in tooltip of View menu; show tooltip help in View and Edit menu items; point raw view and print version to actual topic revision
2010-05-20: TWikibug:Item6455 - use %ICON{menu-down}% instead of long img tag in menu-bars
2010-05-01: TWikibug:Item6437 - removed loading of jQuery Javascript library to avoid double load issue; require JQueryPlugin installed and enabled
2010-04-26: TWikibug:Item6435 - doc improvements
2010-04-21: TWikibug:Item6431 - fix hardcoded reference to JQueryPlugin CSS and JS; doc improvements
2010-04-19: TWikibug:Item6413 - initial release (v1.0)
Dependencies: TWiki 4.2 or later; TWiki:Plugins/PatternSkin; TWiki:Plugins/JQueryPlugin
Skin Home: http://TWiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Plugins/TopMenuSkin
Feedback: http://TWiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Plugins/TopMenuSkinDev
Appraisal: http://TWiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Plugins/TopMenuSkinAppraisal

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