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Remote Repository Backup

This service is only running in beta mode at the moment and does not yet have production level monitoring set up.


Since the shutdown of CERN's central CVS service many code repositories are hosted on CERN external sites using different technologies. While these external services usually have a good availability and their own backups it's still advisable to keep a local copy of the code as especially for the new distributed versioning systems it is also possible the main repository is deleted by user action.

We have an automated backup running at the T3 where you can register your repository (obviously only work related code) for regular backup at the T3.

Backup Policy

For the moment the automated backup is configured with the following backup policy:

  • Keep a full backup of the last DAYS
  • Keep a full backup of the every Monday of the last WEEKS
  • Keep a full backup of the first Monday of the last MONTHS

The variables are set as follows for the moment

  • DAYS = 7
  • WEEKS = 5
  • MONTHS = 12

but they can be changed without advance notice if necessary due to storage resources.

Add a Repository

To add a repository please write an e-mail to cms-tier3@lists.psi.ch with the subect "Add Repository Backup" and include the following two informations in the text of the message:

  • Unique ID of your repository (use <username>_<reponame> where <username> has to be your T3 user name, so e.g. dmeister_usercode)
  • URL where to get your repository (https URLs are preferred)

Please double check the URL; if backing up your repository fails continuously we will deactivate it.

Remove a Repository

To remove a repository please send an e-mail to cms-tier3@lists.psi.ch with the subject "Remove Repository Backup" and mention the unique ID of your repository in the text of the message. Also mention whether you only want to stop new backups from taking place or if we should also remove all old backups.

Access Backups

Backups can be found at /swshare/rrbackup/store/<id> where <id> is the unique ID of your repository.

-- DanielMeister - 2013-07-22

Topic revision: r1 - 2013-07-22 - DanielMeister
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