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ZFS snapshots backup configuration

Backup script /opt/zfssnap/zfssnap runs on t3nfs01 server to copy snapshots from data01 to t3nfs02. This script used the following file /opt/zfssnap/zfssnap-day with content like zfssnap-day-20170803-012839 . Data from /opt/zfssnap/zfssnap-day is a Reference/Counter Point from which incremental backup should start and determine the last snapshot that was sent to the backup server. There should be a common (latest) snapshot both on original home and backup servers. The content of the /opt/zfssnap/zfssnap-day overrided when script is completed.

Without any previous backup one can create initial backup with the following command:

zfs  send -eRv data01@zfssnap-day-latest  | ssh -o ForwardX11=no zfs@t3nfs02.psi.ch -c arcfour,blowfish-cbc -o Compression=no "sudo /usr/sbin/zfs recv -dvF data01/t3nfs01_data01"

Coping 6TB takes about 48 hours.

When data01@zfssnap-day-latest created both on t3nfs01 and t3nfs02 put "data01@zfssnap-day-latest" content to /opt/zfssnap/zfssnap-day and start cron job from t3nfs01:/etc/cron.daily/zfssnap


echo ""            >> $LOG
echo "- new run -" >> $LOG

/opt/zfssnap/zfssnap $PERIOD $MAXSNAPS $BACKUPSERVER >>$LOG 2>&1

echo "- end run -" >> $LOG
echo ""            >> $LOG

t3nfs02 server configuration steps:

1. zfs pool data01 created as nested RAIDZ1-0 device from 12*3TB disks associated with HP Smart Array Controller P440 (enabled in HBA-mode):

# zpool create  data01  raidz1 /dev/sda /dev/sdb /dev/sdc   raidz1   /dev/sdd /dev/sde /dev/sdf   raidz1    /dev/sdg /dev/sdh /dev/sdi    raidz1    /dev/sdj /dev/sdk /dev/sdl

2. create a dataset t3nfs01_data01:

# zfs create -o mountpoint=/zfs data01/t3nfs01_data01

3. add zfs user with home directory /opt/zfssnap

# groupadd   --gid 337 zfs
# useradd  zfs  -u 337 -g 337 -s /bin/bash -d /opt/zfssnap
# chown -R :zfs /opt/zfssnap/
# chown -R zfs:zfs .ssh     
4. add a key from t3nfs01:/root/.ssh/id_rsa.pub to /opt/zfssnap/.ssh/authorized_keys

5. /etc/security/access.conf :

+ : zfs  : t3nfs01.psi.ch
6. /etc/hosts.allow
sshd: t3admin01.psi.ch t3admin02.psi.ch  wmgt01.psi.ch wmgt02.psi.ch localhost t3nfs01.psi.ch
7. configure sudo
in /etc/sudoers :
#includedir /etc/sudoers.d
Defaults:zfs !requiretty
and add lines corresponding commands from script /opt/zfssnap/zfssnap
## Cmnd alias specification
Cmnd_Alias C_ZFS = \
/usr/sbin/zfs list,   /usr/sbin/zfs list *, /usr/sbin/zfs list -H -t snapshot *   \
/usr/sbin/zfs recv -dv data01/t3nfs01_data01,\
 /usr/sbin/zfs recv -dvF data01/t3nfs01_data01

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