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Real machine name cms02.lcg.cscs.ch

Firewall requirements

port open to reason
3128/tcp WN access from WNs to FroNtier squid proxy
3401/udp, central SNMP monitoring of FroNtier service
1094/tcp * access to Xrootd redirector that forwards requests to the native dCache Xrootd door
For further, but older, information look at CmsVObox

Running the services


Service startup, stop and status

We run multiple instances of PhEDEx. One is for Production transfers, and another for Debugging. Currently, these instances are active:

Debug Prod

Note that PhEDEx is run by the phedex user! I (Derek) wrote some custom init scripts which make starting and stopping much simpler than in the original:

  • startup scripts at /home/phedex/init.d/phedex_[instance] (start|status|stop). The init script will check for a valid service certificate before startup! Example:
    /home/phedex/init.d/phedex_Prod start /home/phedex/init.d/phedex_Debug start 
    • Note that startup can take many seconds due to the reconnecting to the DB being slow. Have some patience and look at the output. Agent by agent, they should come up.
  • also check status via the central web site http://cmsdoc.cern.ch/cms/aprom/phedex/prod/Components::Status?view=global
  • make sure that there is always a valid user proxy available to PhEDEx:
    voms-proxy-info -all -file /home/phedex/gridcert/proxy.cert
    If not, a CMS site admin must renew it (see below).


The PhEDEx configuration can be found in ~phedex/config:

  • DBParam.CSCS: Passwords needed for accessing the central data base. These we receive encrypted from cms-phedex-admins@cern.ch. The file contains one section for every PhEDEx instance (Prod, Dev, ...)
  • SITECONF/T2_CH_CSCS/PhEDEx/Config*: Configuration definitions for the PhEDEx instances (including load tests)
  • SITECONF/T2_CH_CSCS/PhEDEx/storage.xml: defines the trivial file catalog mappings
  • SITECONF/T2_CH_CSCS/PhEDEx/FileDownload*: site specific scripts called by the download agent
  • SITECONF/T2_CH_CSCS/PhEDEx/fts.map: mapping of SRM endpoints to FTS servers (q.v. CERN Twiki)

The SITECONF area is checked in to the central CMS Gitlab repository (https://gitlab.cern.ch/SITECONF/T2_CH_CSCS/).

There is a symbolic link /home/phedex/PHEDEX which points to the active PhEDEx distribution, so that the configuration files need not be changed with every update (though the link needs to be reset). Nowadays the PhEDEx SW is distributed via CVMFS, so there is no longer the need for local installations.

DB access

PhEDEx relies on a central Oracle data base at CERN. The passwords for accessing it are stored in ~/config/DBParam.CSCS (q.v. configuration section above).

Agent Auth/Authz by grid certificates and how to renew them

The PhEDEx daemons require a valid grid proxy in /home/phedex/gridcert/proxy.cert to transfer files. This short-lived proxy certificate is renewed every few hours through a cron job running the myproxy-logon command (/etc/cron.d/cron_proxy). The renewal is based on a long-living proxy certificate of the phedex administrator that is stored on a myproxy server.

So, in order to have this work, the local phedex administrator needs to deposit an own long lived proxy on the myproxy server, which is used to continually renew the local certificate. The phedex user (cron job) renews the local certificate by - presenting the old but still valid proxy certificate /home/phedex/gridcert/proxy.cert of the phedex admin that is about to get renewed - presenting its own proxy certificate that is produced like a normal user certificate from the user certificate in ~/.globus/usercert.pem and ~/.globus/userkey.pem. This certificate is actually just a copy of the hostcert.pem and hostkey.pem belonging to the phedex host.

HELP The myproxy server only allows registered entities to renew a another user's proxy certificate in that way (the host cert being allowed to renew a user proxy, as we are doing here). You need to have the DN of the host cert entered into the myproxy server's configuration (so our vobox host DN subject has to be registered with the myproxy service). I. e. you need to contact the responsible admins for the myproxy.cern.ch server if the hostname of the cmsvobox changes! Write a mail to Helpdesk@cern.ch

Checking service grid-proxy lifetime

[phedex@cms02 gridcert]$ openssl x509 -subject -dates -noout -in /home/phedex/gridcert/proxy.cert 
subject= /DC=ch/DC=cern/OU=Organic Units/OU=Users/CN=jpata/CN=727914/CN=Joosep Pata/CN=750275847/CN=1405542638/CN=1617046039/CN=1231007372
notBefore=Aug 16 12:00:05 2017 GMT
notAfter=Aug 16 12:47:05 2017 GMT

Place the long time certificate on the myproxy server

[feichtinger@t3ui01 ~]$ myproxy-init -t 168 -R 'cms02.lcg.cscs.ch' -l cscs_phedex -x -k renewable -s myproxy.cern.ch -c 1500
Your identity: /DC=ch/DC=cern/OU=Organic Units/OU=Users/CN=dfeich/CN=613756/CN=Derek Feichtinger
Enter GRID pass phrase for this identity:
Creating proxy .................................................... Done
Proxy Verify OK
Your proxy is valid until: Tue Oct 24 22:35:03 2017
A proxy valid for 1500 hours (62.5 days) for user cscs_phedex now exists on myproxy.cern.ch.

Testing whether delegation works on the vobox (for that also the local short-lived proxy.cert that you present to the server must be still valid):

[phedex@cms02 gridcert]$ myproxy-logon -s myproxy.cern.ch -v -m cms -l cscs_phedex -a /home/phedex/gridcert/proxy.cert -o /tmp/testproxy -k renewable

MyProxy v6.1 Jan 2017 PAM SASL KRB5 LDAP VOMS OCSP
Attempting to connect to 
Successfully connected to myproxy.cern.ch:7512 
using trusted certificates directory /etc/grid-security/certificates
Using Proxy file (/tmp/x509up_u24024)
server name: /DC=ch/DC=cern/OU=computers/CN=px502.cern.ch
checking that server name is acceptable...
server name matches "myproxy.cern.ch"
authenticated server name is acceptable
running: voms-proxy-init -valid 11:59 -vomslife 11:59 -voms cms -cert /tmp/testproxy -key /tmp/testproxy -out /tmp/testproxy -bits 2048 -noregen -proxyver=4
Contacting voms2.cern.ch:15002 [/DC=ch/DC=cern/OU=computers/CN=voms2.cern.ch] "cms"...
Remote VOMS server contacted succesfully.

Created proxy in /tmp/testproxy.

Your proxy is valid until Wed Aug 23 22:43:17 CEST 2017
A credential has been received for user cscs_phedex in /tmp/testproxy.


3rd party tasks

  • Get, or ask to CSCS to get, the X509 certificate for cms02.lcg.cscs.ch
  • ask px.support@cern.ch to register the host cms02.lcg.cscs.ch X509 DN for the myproxy.cern.ch service otherwise the scripts/cron_proxy.sh logic won't work frown
  • ask the CMS frontier squad to set up SNMP monitoring via GGUS for cms02.lcg.cscs.ch
  • ask for a GitLab SSH deploy key in order to allow Puppet to clone/pull RO https://gitlab.cern.ch/SITECONF/T2_CH_CSCS/ ; see Fabio's CMS HN Thread about the GitLab SSH deploy key mechanism.


Be aware of https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/CMSPublic/SiteConfInGitlab and always keep both https://gitlab.cern.ch/SITECONF/T2_CH_CSCS/ and https://gitlab.cern.ch/SITECONF/T2_CH_CSCS_HPC updated ; clone the repos into a /tmp or /opt dir, make a new branch and try there your changes because Puppet will constantly checkout the Master branch !

Monitoring the current installation


Dino Conciatore's Puppet recipes ( after Dec 2016 )

Fully puppet installation

To simplify the cms vo box installation here at CSCS we prepared a puppet recipe to fully install and configure the CMS vo box.


cms02.lcg.cscs.ch is a VM hosted on the CSCS vmware cluster

For any VirtualHW modification, hard restart, etc. just ping us we have fully access to the admin infrastructure.

Hiera config

We use Hiera to keep the puppet code more dynamic, and to lookup some key variables.

role: role_wlcg_cms_vobox
environment: dev1
cluster: phoenix4

    enable_dhcp: true
    mtu: '1500'
    mtu: '1500'

profile_cscs_base::network::hostname: 'cms02.lcg.cscs.ch'

  cluster_name: 'PHOENIX-services'
  udp_send_channel: [{'bind_hostname' : 'yes', 'port' : '8693', 'host' : 'ganglia.lcg.cscs.ch'}]
  udp_recv_channel:   [ { mcast_join: '', port: '8649', bind: '' } ]
  tcp_accept_channel: [ port: '8649' ]

# crontab
    command: '/home/phedex/config/T2_CH_CSCS/PhEDEx/tools/cron/cron_proxy.sh'
    user: 'phedex'
      - 'MAILTO=root'
      - 'PATH="/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/local/sbin"'
    command: '/home/phedex/config/T2_CH_CSCS/PhEDEx/tools/cron/cron_stats.sh'
    user: 'phedex'
      - 'MAILTO=root'
      - 'PATH="/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/local/sbin"'
profile_wlcg_cms_vobox::phedex::myproxy_user: 'cscs_cms02_phedex_xxxxx_user_2017'
# git clone ssh://git@gitlab.cern.ch:7999/SITECONF/T2_CH_CSCS
## Change in hash and use puppet git
    path: '/home/phedex/config/T2_CH_CSCS'
    source: 'ssh://git@gitlab.cern.ch:7999/SITECONF/T2_CH_CSCS'
    owner: 'phedex'
    group: 'phedex'
    #environment: ["HOME=/home/phedex"]
    branch: 'master'
    update: true
    path: '/localgit/profile_wlcg_cms_vobox'
    source: 'ssh://git@git.cscs.ch/puppet_profiles/profile_wlcg_cms_vobox.git'
    branch: 'dev1'
    update: true
    path: '/localgit/dmwm_PHEDEX'
    source: 'https://github.com/dmwm/PHEDEX.git'
    branch: 'master'
    update: true

    ensure:   'mounted'
    device:   'nas.lcg.cscs.ch:/ifs/LCG/shared/phoenix4/users'
    atboot:   true
    fstype:   'nfs'
    options:  'rw,bg,proto=tcp,rsize=32768,wsize=32768,soft,intr,nfsvers=3'
      ensure:   'mounted'
      device:   'storage02.lcg.cscs.ch:/pnfs'
      atboot:   true
      fstype:   'nfs'
      options:  'ro,intr,noac,hard,proto=tcp,nfsvers=3'

profile_cscs_base::ssh_host_dsa_key: >
profile_cscs_base::ssh_host_dsa_key_pub: >
profile_cscs_base::ssh_host_key: >
profile_cscs_base::ssh_host_key_pub: >
profile_cscs_base::ssh_host_rsa_key: >
profile_cscs_base::ssh_host_rsa_key_pub: >
profile_wlcg_base::grid_hostcert: >
profile_wlcg_base::grid_hostkey: >
profile_wlcg_cms_vobox::phedex::id_rsa: >
profile_wlcg_cms_vobox::phedex::id_rsa_pub: >

Puppet module profile_wlcg_cms_vobox

This module configure:

  • Firewall
  • Frontier Squid
  • Xrootd
  • Phedex
Puppet will run automatically every 30 minutes and check if the those service are running:

  • cmsd
  • xrootd
  • frontier-squid (managed by the included frontier::squid module)

Run the installation

Currently we still use foreman to run the initial OS setup:

hammer host create --name "cms02.lcg.cscs.ch" --hostgroup-id 13 --environment "dev1" --puppet-ca-proxy-id 1 --puppet-proxy-id 1 --puppetclass-ids 697 --operatingsystem-id 9 --medium "Scientific Linux" --partition-table-id 7 --build yes --mac "00:10:3e:66:00:63" --ip= --domain-id 4

If you want reinstall the machine you have yust to set:

hammer host update --name cms02.lcg.cscs.ch --build yes

Phedex certificate

To update an expired certificate just edit profile_wlcg_cms_vobox::phedex::proxy_cert in the cms02 hiera file.

The myproxy user (if you have to re-init the myproxy) is located in the script: https://gitlab.cern.ch/SITECONF/T2_CH_CSCS/edit/master/PhEDEx/tools/cron/cron_proxy.sh

Current user is: cscs_cms02_phedex_jpata_2017 and certificate is located here: /home/phedex/gridcert/x509_new The certificate is not managed by puppet because need to be updated by cern myproxy

Puppet will automatically pull the repo every 30 min.

Pre Dino Conciatore's Puppet recipes ( before Dec 2016 )


Make sure UMD3 Yum repo are setup :

yum install http://repository.egi.eu/sw/production/umd/3/sl6/x86_64/updates/umd-release-3.0.1-1.el6.noarch.rpm

TODO FroNtier



create /etc/squid/squidconf

export FRONTIER_USER=dbfrontier
export FRONTIER_GROUP=dbfrontier    

run installation as described at https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/Frontier/InstallSquid

rpm -Uvh http://frontier.cern.ch/dist/rpms/RPMS/noarch/frontier-release-1.0-1.noarch.rpm
yum install frontier-squid
chkconfig frontier-squid on

create folders on special partition

mkdir /home/dbfrontier/cache
mkdir /home/dbfrontier/log
chown dbfrontier:dbfrontier /home/dbfrontier/cache/
chown dbfrontier:dbfrontier /home/dbfrontier/log/


edit /etc/squid/customize.sh

awk --file `dirname $0`/customhelps.awk --source '{
setoption("acl NET_LOCAL src", "")
setoption("cache_mem", "128 MB")
setoptionparameter("cache_dir", 3, "15000")                                             
setoption("cache_log", "/home/dbfrontier/log/cache.log")
setoption("coredump_dir", "/home/dbfrontier/cache/")
setoptionparameter("cache_dir", 2, "/home/dbfrontier/cache/")
setoptionparameter("access_log", 1, "/home/dbfrontier/log/access.log")
setoption("logfile_rotate", "1")

start the service and then move the log files

service frontier-squid start
rmdir /var/cache/squid
rmdir /var/log/squid
ln -s /home/dbfrontier/cache /var/cache/squid
ln -s /home/dbfrontier/log /var/log/squid

create /etc/sysconfig/frontier-squid

export LARGE_ACCESS_LOG=500000000

restart the service

service frontier-squid reload

Allow SNMP monitoring of squid service

edit /etc/sysconfig/iptables add:

-A INPUT -s -p udp --dport 3401 -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -s -p udp --dport 3401 -j ACCEPT
service iptables reload

Test squid proxy

Log file locations:

  • /home/squid/log/access.log
  • /home/squid/log/cache.log


Connect for instance on ui.lcg.cscs.ch :

wget http://frontier.cern.ch/dist/fnget.py
chmod +x fnget.py
./fnget.py --url=http://cmsfrontier.cern.ch:8000/FrontierProd/Frontier --sql="select 1 from dual"
export http_proxy=http://cms01.lcg.cscs.ch:3128
./fnget.py --url=http://cmsfrontier.cern.ch:8000/FrontierProd/Frontier --sql="select 1 from dual"
export http_proxy=http://cms02.lcg.cscs.ch:3128
./fnget.py --url=http://cmsfrontier.cern.ch:8000/FrontierProd/Frontier --sql="select 1 from dual"

Expected Output :

More... Close

Using Frontier URL:  http://cmsfrontier.cern.ch:8000/FrontierProd/Frontier
Query:  select 1 from dual
Decode results:  True
Refresh cache:  False

Frontier Request:

Query started:  02/29/16 22:32:47 CET
Query ended:  02/29/16 22:32:47 CET
Query time: 0.00365591049194 [seconds]

Query result:


     1     NUMBER



Install Xrootd on SL6 for dCache according to

rpm -Uhv http://repo.grid.iu.edu/osg-el6-release-latest.rpm

install packages and copy host certificate/key

yum install --disablerepo='*' --enablerepo=osg-contrib,osg-testing cms-xrootd-dcache
yum install xrootd-cmstfc

mount cvmfs and make sure that this file is available /cvmfs/cms.cern.ch/SITECONF/local/PhEDEx/storage.xml ; that's the cvmfs version of https://gitlab.cern.ch/SITECONF/T2_CH_CSCS/raw/master/PhEDEx/storage.xml

chkconfig xrootd on
chkconfig cmsd on
service xrootd start
service cmsd start


Redirector Setup (from June 2013, dCache 2.10)

Detailed reporting requires a plugin on the dCache side

Verify that /pnfs is properly mounted both at :

  • runtime :
    $ df -h /pnfs Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on storage02.lcg.cscs.ch:/pnfs 1.0E 1.7P 1023P 1% /pnfs
  • boot time :
    $ grep pnfs /etc/fstab storage02.lcg.cscs.ch:/pnfs /pnfs nfs rw,intr,noac,hard,proto=tcp,nfsvers=3 0 0
edit /etc/xrootd/xrootd-clustered.cfg

xrd.port 1094
all.role server
all.sitename T2_CH_CSCS
all.manager any xrootd-cms.infn.it+ 1213

oss.localroot /pnfs/lcg.cscs.ch/cms/trivcat/
xrootd.redirect storage01.lcg.cscs.ch:1095 /

all.export / nostage

cms.allow host *

xrootd.trace emsg login stall redirect
ofs.trace none
xrd.trace conn
cms.trace all

oss.namelib /usr/lib64/libXrdCmsTfc.so file:/cvmfs/cms.cern.ch/SITECONF/local/PhEDEx/storage.xml?protocol=direct

xrootd.seclib /usr/lib64/libXrdSec.so
xrootd.fslib /usr/lib64/libXrdOfs.so
all.adminpath /var/run/xrootd
all.pidpath /var/run/xrootd

cms.delay startup 10
cms.fxhold 60s

xrd.report xrootd.t2.ucsd.edu:9931 every 60s all sync
xrootd.monitor all auth flush io 60s ident 5m mbuff 8k rbuff 4k rnums 3 window 10s dest files io info user redir xrootd.t2.ucsd.edu:9930

corresponding dCache door configuration


Allow Xrootd requests

edit /etc/sysconfig/iptables, add:

-A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 1094 -m state --state NEW -j ACCEPT

Test Xrootd file access

From a UI machine, for instance from PSI or LXPLUS :

xrdcp --debug 2 root://cms01.lcg.cscs.ch//store/mc/SAM/GenericTTbar/GEN-SIM-RECO/CMSSW_5_3_1_START53_V5-v1/0013/CE4D66EB-5AAE-E111-96D6-003048D37524.root /dev/null -f
xrdcp --debug 2 root://cms02.lcg.cscs.ch//store/mc/SAM/GenericTTbar/GEN-SIM-RECO/CMSSW_5_3_1_START53_V5-v1/0013/CE4D66EB-5AAE-E111-96D6-003048D37524.root /dev/null -f
xrdcp --debug 2 root://xrootd-cms.infn.it//store/mc/SAM/GenericTTbar/GEN-SIM-RECO/CMSSW_5_3_1_START53_V5-v1/0013/CE4D66EB-5AAE-E111-96D6-003048D37524.root /dev/null -f

PhEDEx on cms02

Read https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/CMSPublic/PhedexAdminDocsInstallation#PhEDEx_Agent_Installation

yum install zsh perl-ExtUtils-Embed libXmu libXpm tcl tk compat-libstdc++-33 git perl-XML-LibXML
adduser phedex
yum install httpd
mkdir /var/www/html/phedexlog
chown phedex:phedex /var/www/html/phedexlog/
su - phedex
mkdir -p state log sw gridcert config
chmod 700 gridcert
export sw=$PWD/sw
wget -O $sw/bootstrap.sh http://cmsrep.cern.ch/cmssw/comp/bootstrap.sh
sh -x $sw/bootstrap.sh setup -path $sw -arch $myarch -repository comp 2>&1|tee $sw/bootstrap_$myarch.log
source $sw/$myarch/external/apt/*/etc/profile.d/init.sh
apt-get update
apt-cache search PHEDEX|grep PHEDEX
apt-get install cms+PHEDEX+$version
unlink PHEDEX
ln -s /home/phedex/sw/$myarch/cms/PHEDEX/$version/ PHEDEX

reset environment (zlib required for git is missing in slc6_amd64_gcc461)

cd config
# pre gitlab era
# git clone https://dmeister@git.cern.ch/reps/siteconf
git clone https://dconciat@gitlab.cern.ch/SITECONF/T2_CH_CSCS.git
# git clone https://mgila@gitlab.cern.ch/SITECONF/T2_CH_CSCS.git
# git clone https://jpata@gitlab.cern.ch/SITECONF/T2_CH_CSCS.git
# git clone https://dpetrusi@gitlab.cern.ch/SITECONF/T2_CH_CSCS.git
cd ..

run ./config/siteconf/T2_CH_CSCS/PhEDEx/FixHostnames.sh to fix hostnames in PhEDEX config

get helper scripts from SVN

mkdir svn-sandbox
cd svn-sandbox
svn co https://svn.cscs.ch/LCG/VO-specific/cms/phedex
cd ..
cp -R svn-sandbox/phedex/init.d ./
cd init.d
rm -Rf .svn
ln -s phedex_Prod phedex_Debug
ln -s phedex_Prod phedex_Dev

and copy host certificates

mkdir .globus
chmod 700 .globus
cp /etc/grid-security/hostcert.pem .globus/usercert.pem
cp /etc/grid-security/hostkey.pem .globus/userkey.pem
chown -R phedex:phedex .globus
chmod 600 .globus/*

and setup proxy and DB logins

touch config/DBParam.CSCS
chmod 600 config/DBParam.CSCS
# write secret config to file

Cron scripts/cron_restart.sh



/home/phedex/init.d/phedex_Debug download-$HOST stop
/home/phedex/init.d/phedex_Debug download-$HOST start
/home/phedex/init.d/phedex_Prod download-$HOST stop
/home/phedex/init.d/phedex_Prod download-$HOST start

Cron scripts/cron_stats.sh



SUMMARYFILE=/var/www/html/phedexlog/statistics.$(date +DONEm%d-HELPM).txt

#source /etc/profile.d/grid-env.sh
source /home/phedex/PHEDEX/etc/profile.d/init.sh
echo -e generated on `date` "\n------------------------" > $SUMMARYFILE
echo "Prod:" >> $SUMMARYFILE
/home/phedex/init.d/phedex_Prod status >> $SUMMARYFILE
echo "Debug:" >> $SUMMARYFILE
/home/phedex/init.d/phedex_Debug status >> $SUMMARYFILE
/home/phedex/PHEDEX/Utilities/InspectPhedexLog -c 300 -es "-12 hours" /home/phedex/log/Prod/download-$HOST /home/phedex/log/Debug/download-$HOST >> $SUMMARYFILE 2>/dev/null

Cron scripts/cron_proxy.sh



unset X509_USER_PROXY
myproxy-get-delegation -s myproxy.cern.ch -v -l cscs_phedex_${HOST}_dm_2014 -a /home/phedex/gridcert/proxy.cert -o /home/phedex/gridcert/proxy.cert
export X509_USER_PROXY=/home/phedex/gridcert/proxy.cert
voms-proxy-init -noregen -voms cms

Cron scripts/cron_spacemon.sh


cd /lhome/phedex/spacemon

unset PERL5LIB
source /lhome/phedex/PHEDEX/etc/profile.d/init.sh
export PHEDEX_ROOT=/lhome/phedex/spacemon/PHEDEX
export PATH=$PHEDEX_ROOT/Utilities:$PHEDEX_ROOT/Utilities/testSpace:$PATH

export X509_USER_PROXY=/lhome/phedex/gridcert/proxy.cert

DUMPDATE=$(date '+%Y-%m-%d')

wget --quiet http://ganglia.lcg.cscs.ch/dcache/dcache-cms-dump-$DUMPDATE.xml.bz2 -O dumps/dcache-cms-dump-$DUMPDATE.xml.bz2

if [ $? -gt 0 ]; then
    echo "no dCache dump available for $DUMPDATE; abort..."
    exit 1

spacecount dcache --dump dumps/dcache-cms-dump-$DUMPDATE.xml.bz2 --node T2_CH_CSCS
if [ $? -gt 0 ]; then
    echo "uploading dump for $DUMPDATE failed; keeping the file..."
    exit 1

rm dumps/dcache-cms-dump-$DUMPDATE.xml.bz2

Cron scripts/cron_clean.sh

CMS dirs in /pnfs to be regularly cleaned up by a set of crons


# 2 weeks: store/unmerged, store/temp, store/backfill/1, store/backfill/2
find /pnfs/lcg.cscs.ch/cms/trivcat/store/unmerged/   -mindepth 1 -mtime +14 -delete       
find /pnfs/lcg.cscs.ch/cms/trivcat/store/temp/       -mindepth 1 -mtime +14 -delete 
find /pnfs/lcg.cscs.ch/cms/trivcat/store/backfill/1/ -mindepth 1 -mtime +14 -delete 
find /pnfs/lcg.cscs.ch/cms/trivcat/store/backfill/2/ -mindepth 1 -mtime +14 -delete 

# 1 week:  store/temp/user
find /pnfs/lcg.cscs.ch/cms/trivcat/store/temp/user/  -mindepth 1 -mtime +7  -delete 

Cron final setups

chmod +x scripts/*.sh

run config/siteconf/T2_CH_CSCS/PhEDEx/CreateLogrotConf.pl

crontab -e

05   0    * * *    /usr/sbin/logrotate -s /home/phedex/state/logrotate.state /home/phedex/config/logrotate.conf
13   5,17 * * *    /home/phedex/scripts/cron_restart.sh
*/15 *    * * *    /home/phedex/scripts/cron_stats.sh
0    */4  * * *    /home/phedex/scripts/cron_proxy.sh
0      7  * * *    /lhome/phedex/scripts/cron_spacemon.sh

and for root

crontab -l
30      2  * * *    /lhome/phedex/scripts/cron_clean.sh

X509 Proxy into MyProxy at CERN

setup myproxy service from a UI machine

voms-proxy-init -voms cms
myproxy-init -s myproxy.cern.ch -l cscs_phedex_cms0X_dm_2014 -x -R "/DC=com/DC=quovadisglobal/DC=grid/DC=switch/DC=hosts/C=CH/ST=Zuerich/L=Zuerich/O=ETH Zuerich/CN=cms0X.lcg.cscs.ch" -c 6400

and copy initial proxy to gridcert/proxy.cert

PhEDEx DDM stats

PhEDEx locally generated stats

Make a couple of SSH RSA keys

[phedex@cms02 ~]$ ssh-keygen -C "To push the cms02 phedex stats into mysql@ganglia:/var/www/html/ganglia/phedex/" -t rsa 

Make a phedex cron pushing :

[phedex@cms02 ~]$ ll /var/www/html/ganglia/phedex/
total 588
-rw-r--r-- 1 phedex phedex 15043 Feb  1 23:45 statistics.DONEm01-HELPM.txt
-rw-r--r-- 1 phedex phedex 17526 Feb  2 23:45 statistics.DONEm02-HELPM.txt
-rw-r--r-- 1 phedex phedex 14815 Feb  3 23:45 statistics.DONEm03-HELPM.txt

into mysql@ganglia.lcg.cscs.ch:/var/www/html/ganglia/phedex/

Check if you can browse them : http://ganglia.lcg.cscs.ch/ganglia/phedex/

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