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Phoenix Monitoring Overview

Status plots from 2015-11-27 - 00:07 (page is refreshed every 5 minutes). Historical view here.

Warning, important Note: The now values printed at the bottom of some graphs are not correct.

Site Tests: Region DE (Nagios, history) / MIDMON Nagios / SLTOP / slurmerrors / SLURM CPU reports / Detailed SLURM CPU reports / APEL status / Site-View / MyWLCG site availability / WLCG Transfers dashboard

Batch jobs

Current Memory allocation: Current CPU allocation:

Usage by VO

Usage by CE

Node status and allocation

Older charts

Usage by VO (static charts)

Usage by CE

Worker nodes

Storage Element


Free storage space:

The below plot is from the dcache web ui representing active movers.

Networking and File Transfers


Plotting interval:

Number of active dCache movers (transfers) on the WAN (gridftp, srm) / LAN ("regular",dcap):

Number of queued dCache movers (waiting transfers) on the WAN (gridftp, srm) / LAN ("regular",dcap):

Number of pending dCache requests:

External monitoring

  • CSCS external network (shared with other projects, only visible from SWITCH network):

  • EGI Nagios from FZK, last 5 days (hover mouse to see hostname)

22 23 24 25 26

  • Power consumption (Island 1)

  • Gridview current status graphs

Other links

-- DerekFeichtinger - 01 Feb 2008
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